Flying blind through the online attribution (1/7)

When I talk to colleagues from online marketing about tracking and attribution, we quickly come across ad blockers, GDPR, cookies and the associated increased requirements. If you go a little deeper into the discussion and look at the traffic channels, it turns out that for many, the channels SEO and Direct are the most successful – i.e. most conversions result – while the paid channels (e.g. SEA and social) stagnate or even go back. The great success of the direct channel is then explained by their strong brand.

We at everysize can also confirm this statement based on our Google Analytics numbers. But why is that? Out of curiosity, I went into the matter and took a closer look at the reasons for our high proportion of conversions in the direct channel. I came across some very interesting aspects, including: The more we scale our paid channels, the higher our traffic and especially our conversion numbers in the direct channel increase!

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Why you should improve your feed-management

Wasting money with Sneaker-Releases

Anyone who knows us knows that we always strive to bring out the maximum in technical possibilities in order to enable the best possible user experience and thus not only to satisfy visitors, but consequently also our partner shops.

Sometimes, however, it is up to the dealer to use the options offered. Today’s release of the long-awaited adidas ZX 8000 Aqua shows why good feed management is important.

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25% higher conversion with size deeplinks

One of the special features of everysize has always been that the shoe size is in the focus for the user. This simplifies the shopping experience for the user and avoids frustration due to unnecessary clicks.

For this reason, many users start their search on everysize directly with their shoe size or click on the displayed sizes in the product detail.

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